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0003436The Dark ModAIpublic01.06.2013 01:46
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Product VersionTDM 2.00 
Target VersionTDM 2.00 
Summary0003436: Unarmed AI cannot throw projectiles?
DescriptionIt seems like AI with a "unarmed_melee" "1" spawnarg cannot throw projectiles only when the player is out of reach, like other AI can.

The builder priest and mage are both supposed to throw fireballs when (and only when) the player is out of reach. This works properly for the priest, but the mage just stands there and does nothing in 2.0.

The only difference I can see is the mage has "unarmed_melee" "1"

(note that the AI can be set to throw projectiles as their primary attack, switching to unarmed melee attack when the player is close--this issue only addresses the issue of NO missile attacks until the player is out of reach)
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30.05.2013 12:59

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Ok, grayman solved this:

"For the regular mage, his "fire_range" is 480. This says that he won't throw his backup projectile (fireball) until you're more than 480 units from him."

That spawnarge is "0" for other characters.

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