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0000349DarkRadiantGUIpublic18.09.2007 20:23
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Product Version0.9.1 
Summary0000349: Hotkey/menu item to open browsers
DescriptionI'm actually reluctant to track this, because I've been away for a bit and am hoping I just haven't forgotten!(*blush*) Does DR have no way to open the entity or model browsers just for, well, browsing? (other than RMB->Add) With a fresh perspective, it feels strange that this is missing. I can envision new users just wanting to browse models (as I was just now) and not being able to find the hotkey or menu command to do so. Since this ability exists natively in the DoomEd entity inspector but not ours, perhaps we should have a hotkey/menu item just to let them browse?
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18.09.2007 20:23

administrator   ~0000747

The only way to open the model browser is the RMB option (context menu) or the EntityInspector (via the "model" spawnarg).

I agree that a model browser can be useful in some situations.

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