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0003567The Dark ModDesign/Codingpublic11.02.2024 22:14
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Summary0003567: TDM incapable of being ran from a read-only directory as a normal user
DescriptionThis bug is based off the fact that fs_basepath should be assumed to be read-only, but TDM attempts to write to it anyway.

Launching TDM from a read-only directory (like any normal application/game in Linux) causes an immediate crash due to being incapable of writing to the game directory.
It is also incapable of writing configuration files or downloading maps.

To solve this, Doom 3 wrote everything it needed to ~/.doom3. This kind of functionality apparently was removed.

Attempting to reaquire the same functionality: Setting fs_modSavePath and fs_savepath to the home directory (~/.thedarkmod), and manually extracting allows TDM to run, but causes the following bugs:
* Maps loaded from ~/.thedarkmod/fms lack names, images or any information besides the map size in the menu (they appear invisible, basically), but are entirely playable by clicking where they should be in the menu.
* Any kind of configuration works during the run, but never saves properly. (Assuming configuration files are being saved to fs_basedir...)
* Pressing "Restart game" in the configuration pane causes it to crash due to not finding "Default.cfg".I couldn't find the file anywhere. Perhaps it too was trying to write itself to the read-only fs_basedir?
Steps To ReproduceInstall thedarkmod into any read-only filesystem location and attempt to play as a normal user.
Additional Information

This file states "fs_basepath path to local install, read-only", for good reason too.
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