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0003657DarkRadiantSelection Systempublic11.05.2018 06:27
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Platform64bitOSWindowsOS Version7
Product Version1.8.0 
Summary0003657: Converting worldspawn to func_static prevents 'Invert Selection' from working properly with layers
DescriptionConverting a worldspawn brush to a func_static entity after it has been added to a layer and said layer has been selected using the Layers browser will keep the func_static entity selected after using Invert Selection.
Behaves normal when the func_static is returned to worldspawn.
Models and other worldspawn brushes are not affected.
This only occurs when using the Layers browser to select, clicking on the func_static directly and using Invert Selection will behave as expected.
Steps To Reproduce1. create a couple of brushes
2. add layer 'Test'
3. convert a brush to func_static
4. move func_static and one more brush to layer 'Test'
4. deselect all
5. select layer 'Test' from Layer browser
6. Press I / use menu to invert selection
7. func_static is still selected, the other brush from the same layer is not.

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11.05.2018 06:27

administrator   ~0010461

I can confirm this behaviour.

The cause is that the InvertSelectionWalker class doesn't traverse the children of the func_static entity to toggle their selection status, so the child brush remains in status selected.

It got there because it is assigned to the "Test" layer, so it gets selected when the members of the "Test" layer are toggled. which in itself is correct behaviour. (Usually it's difficult for the user to select a child brush of a func_static, but doing that through Layer assignments is one of the ways to do that.)

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