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0003754The Dark ModAIpublic16.12.2018 02:53
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Product VersionTDM 2.02 
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Summary0003754: AI seeing directly behind them
DescriptionNot really an issue for 2.02, but I've noticed something that could explain why people occasionally think AI can see through the back of their heads. I was testing on Too Late, and waited for the patrolling thug to turn and start walking away before going down the lit stairs. He went to Alert 5 and attacked me. I had just saved, so I tested it again. About every 5th test, he seemed to see me coming down the stairs even though his back was turned. I watched him through the spyglass and saw that on the times he saw me, it was because he was turning his head. If he turns his head directly to the side, he can't see behind him, but if he turns to the side and down or up, I'm in the edge of his vision cone. With sight on Challenging, it only takes a glimpse of a second to get him to turn towards me, and that's when he goes to full alert.

If I wasn't watching him carefully, I wouldn't notice the head-turn, and would conclude that he is sensing me in a way he shouldn't.

We may want to look at the head rotation values for 2.03, or even look into some kind of peripheral vision simulator, like they had in T1/2.
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22.07.2014 13:27

administrator   ~0006782

Until/unless we do some kind of separate peripheral cone, reducing the vertical values for head turning makes the most sense.


22.07.2014 16:51

administrator   ~0006791

Changed to values:

    "look_min" "-80 -80 0"
    "look_max" "15 80 0"


05.10.2014 17:57

administrator   ~0007060

Here's another potential solution--shorten the traces the further away you get from the center of the AI's vision:


16.12.2018 02:53

developer   ~0010944

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