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0000380DarkRadiantDesign/Codingpublic21.10.2007 07:35
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Summary0000380: Distinguish base textures from map-loaded textures
DescriptionJust learned something about DR I didn't know. I opened an old local map of mine, which was textured prior to the texture reorg. I then noticed that the texture hierarchy in DR listed /city textures. This folder no longer exists in TDM, meaning it was being displayed because it exists in the map (of course, the shaders are all broken as expected).

This is interesting and possibly even useful. So, I'm suggesting/requesting, is there a way to show a distinction between these two sources (mod and map) in the hierarchy UI? One idea would perhaps be to show an asterisk as part of map-originating textures, something like: (image attached) That general idea for both individual textures, as well as folders completely derived from a map (partial mod/map folders need not have any indication; the textures within would show the distinction).

Might be a better idea than that, that was just a quick one that came to mind.
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