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0004042The Dark ModAIpublic24.11.2017 16:34
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Product VersionTDM 2.03 
Summary0004042: Examine effect of long runs on AI chasing an enemy
DescriptionWhen an AI spots you, but has to run a long distance to get to you, it's possible that he can drop out of combat state on the way, because his alert level is allowed to tick down.

When that happens, he'll enter Agitated Searching state, and stop where he is and search around for you. Of course, you're nowhere near where he stops, and he can't see you from where he stopped.

Examine whether the alert level needs to not tick down when the enemy isn't visible, or whether there's a problem with searching, in that it's searching near where the AI stops running, and not near where the enemy was last seen.
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