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0004070The Dark ModAIpublic24.11.2017 16:42
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Product VersionTDM 2.03 
Summary0004070: Beef up the rules for coordinated searching
DescriptionCoordinated searches were introduced in 2.03. Some simple rules were applied, such as having higher-ranked AI give up their active searching roles to lower-ranked AI, and not allowing civilians to take up 'guard' positions.

Other rules should now be added.

If an armed AI joins a search and an unarmed AI is an active searcher, the unarmed active searcher should give up his spot to the incoming armed AI.

If an armed AI joins a search and he's closer to the search point than a currently active searcher who's still 'arriving', the closer AI should assume the other's role if there are already two active searchers.

Possibly introduce a weighting system, with the higher-weighted AI taking on active searcher roles, mid-weight AI becoming guards, and low-weight AI becoming observers.
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29.01.2015 20:14

administrator   ~0007398

Something else to look at is what happens when an AI is on a balcony above the spot where the player makes a noise. There's no path from the balcony to the player, the AI can't see the player, and the hiding spots are all created at the level of the player's floor, and unavailable to the AI.

The AI should walk back and forth on the balcony, so we need to be able to have hiding spots at different levels.

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