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0004149The Dark ModDesign/Codingpublic16.10.2017 14:28
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Product VersionTDM 2.03 
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Summary0004149: Picking up stuff without clunking
DescriptionWhen the player picks up an item using the grabber, it moves and often clunks against things.

The player can control the up-down-left-right movement of the item by where they aim the mouse. But they can't directly control the depth where the item ends up. That means you can't always pick up something from a container, for example, without making lots of noise.

Investigate whether the grabber will let us keep the depth of a picked-up item constant, while still moving the item in front of the player's eyes.
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15.05.2015 21:35

developer   ~0007511

Idea tried out from forum discussion: leave the item exactly where it is when frobbed. It remains in that position relative to the player's view until the player changes its distance or starts to rotate it, when it snaps to the closest of its normal allowed hold positions.

See thread linked above for details of the hold positions.

An item that's been placed exactly on a surface can still sink into the surface. That's fixable by raising the item a small amount (0.1 units does the trick) when the player first grabs it.

Preserving the position is achieved by adding a new member variable to the grabber, m_PreservedPosition, which if set overrides the usual position calculations. That gets set when the player lifts an item by frobbing, and it gets unset if the player moves the item back or forth or rotates it.

NB this isn't an accepted solution yet. I'm just writing it up while waiting for the video to upload so I can post it in the thread.


16.05.2015 22:19

developer   ~0007513

Added a smooth glide to the allowable positions when the player begins ot manipulate the item, instead of snapping.

Committed at rev 6495



16.05.2015 22:20

developer   ~0007514

marking resolved pending feedback

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