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0004212The Dark ModDesign/Codingpublic10.10.2017 21:14
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Summary0004212: Glass cracks don't show up in player lantern
DescriptionGlass crack decals are light-interacting. They are invisible in no light.

In my test map for 0004182, the crack decals show up in normal lights from both sides of the glass. But the player lantern reveals them on only one side of the glass.
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related to 0004182 resolvedSteveL Glass crack decals are not visible against skybox backdrop 
child of 0004177 new Func_fractures overhaul 




08.09.2015 21:20

developer   ~0007765

It isn't just the player lantern, it's shadowcasting lights in general. Turns out we normally see glass cracks with only ambient light.

There's a problem with the way idBrittleFracture creates its model surfaces. The textures are facing the wrong way. In the case of 2-sided textures, they reflect ambient light from both sides, but shadowcasting lights only from the wrong side. One-sided textures simply face the inside of a brush func_fracture, so the near surface can't be seen.

We normally use glass textures which are both 2-sided and don't reflect any light anyway, so the problem doesn't show up until we cause some cracks.

The crack decals do reflect light, but they only reflect shadowcasting light from the wrong side. What we normally see is the ambient light reflected. We'll probably have to tone down the rgb setting in the shader when this is fixed.

Not got to the bottom of it yet.

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