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0004220The Dark ModAIpublic14.09.2017 03:57
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Product VersionTDM 2.03 
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Summary0004220: More active AI searches
DescriptionPer this thread:

Can searching be changed so it's less boring for the player to watch? (More AI movement / less standing around.)

Can searching be expanded into neighboring areas w/o risking having the AI run far away like he used to many revs ago?
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has duplicate 0004236 closedgrayman AI should be less boring when searching 
related to 0003702 closedgrayman Recalculate hiding spots when a light is relit or doused 
related to 0003044 closedgrayman Link areas together to provide AI with more realistic search behavior. 




24.10.2015 20:30

administrator   ~0007876

Add a cvar (tdm_ai_search_type) to control which search type should be used.

1 = use 2.03 search method
2 = use 2.03 search method, but walk to hiding spots instead of looking
3 = don’t use the hiding spot list, and create new search spots by expanding the search radius based on alert level (the higher the alert level, the longer the radius)
4 = same as 3, but expand the search radius based on time passed (increase radius as time passes)

Abandon the hiding spot method, which tended to provide a lot of standing around and staring. Replace it with an on-the-fly random location method that still considers lighting and produces more of a walkabout.

The AI are more likely to search the darker parts of the search area and avoid the well-lit areas.

The AI searches close to the alert spot initially, then moves farther and farther out as time goes by.

Allow a search to include neighboring rooms; more likely to happen when the search area expands enough to poke through a door.

Allow an AI to search near a search spot even if the search spot isn’t in an AAS area. A good example of this is the Guard Captain’s room in Collateral. If the player jumps up and down on the ceiling joists in 2.03, the Guard Captain in the next room becomes alerted but doesn’t come looking. He does with this change.

Change ProcessSearch() so it doesn’t run every frame. Run it every 2 seconds, which is good enough. This is the ‘think’ routine for the Search Manager, and it’s responsible for swapping AI roles and cleaning up the search list and search assignment lists.

Removed the requirement that active searchers needed to mill about before beginning their search. Just let them get to it.

Fixed a bug where the search list wasn’t being cleared if multiple missions were started during the same TDM run.

Changed InvestigateSpotTask() to be state-driven, to simplify it.
Expanded the conditions under which AI could exchange places during a search.

Gave the zombie with the included head an eye_offset. He was looking with his feet.

Gave the moor an explicit rank (0).

Rev. 6552:


Rev. 14410:


Rev. 14408:



07.11.2015 08:09

developer   ~0007886

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I'm not allowed to read/access the thread on the forum, so I can't leave feedback there nor know what others already wrote.

Problem to me seems to be the CVAR - players could totally change how a mission plays out by changing it and the mappers no longer has control, respectively he would need to test all scenarios to see which might break his mission?

Wouldn't this be exactly the reason not allow players control over this setting and instead create a "mix" that is either always the same (maybe random) strategy, or let only the mapper control it with an per-AI-spawnarg?

Otherwise this sounds like a lot of work went into it and it will be a nice change and improvement. Good work!



09.01.2016 00:19

administrator   ~0008012

If there are further changes, I'll make them during beta.

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