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0004357The Dark ModFeature proposalpublic06.01.2018 14:27
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Summary0004357: Allow AI to pick up dropped lantern using Kneeling animation
DescriptionUsing the kneeling animation that guards currently use to check on dropped weapons should be good enough to pick up the lantern.

As per this thread:
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17.10.2016 13:43

viewer   ~0008379

From a discussion on the Newbie thread, as to why an AI drops his lantern during Agitated Searching ...

The correct lantern to use is atdm:prop_lantern_on. Put it in the left hand of armed AI. Unarmed AI can carry it in either hand.

The lantern spawnarg in question is "unbindOnalertIndex". It's set to "4" by default, which means the lantern gets dropped when the AI reaches Agitated Searching. This is when he searches with a drawn weapon.

The reason for this is to free the hands for the animations to draw weapons. (Not a bug.)

That said, it probably warrants a bit of a look, because an AI carrying a torch and a melee weapon doesn't drop the torch when he draws the melee weapon. He'll drop it when he enters Combat, though.

And I suppose an unarmed AI would have no reason to drop a lantern when reaching Agitated Searching, so that's also something that should be looked at again.

I'm guessing the rules can be loosened a bit to provide a more realistic experience.

We already have a bugtracker request (0004357) for an AI to be able to pick up a lantern. That's related to this discussion, so I'll add a few words in there about this situation.


06.01.2018 14:27

developer   ~0009985

This could also be extended to pick up dropped torches that have been extinguished by a water arrow, and the AI can relight their torch on another lit torch.

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