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0004517The Dark ModScript/Defpublic01.05.2017 08:46
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Summary0004517: Event overflow when power generator is broken
DescriptionWhen power generator is broken, all the lights are updated. At this moment some crash related to script events happens ("Event overflow").
Steps To Reproduce1. Start the SECOND mission of "Inn business" campaign.
2. Go to the power generator under the stairs (notarget + noclip should help).
3. Hit the left lamp on the generator with your sword and break it.

At the moment of break you would be thrown to console with "Event overflow" error.
Additional InformationThe events queue is overflown with events "noShadows(true)" called on entity "atdm_lamp_electric_fancy_lit_4".
If I check where these events are generated, I see that they are called from the function "tdm_light_holder::LightsOn", moreover each call is done from a different thread.
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