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0004536The Dark ModSound Systempublic14.12.2017 19:44
ReporterSpooks Assigned ToSpringheel  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionTDM 2.02 
Target VersionTDM 2.06Fixed in VersionTDM 2.06 
Summary0004536: Stereo Zoned Ambients Need a Stereo silence.ogg Leadin Sound
DescriptionThe leadin "silence.ogg" is needed for zoned ambients to properly fade in and out when used in the location system. Currently, this sound file is in mono format. ALL ambient sounds that we have in stereo format are currently suffering great audio quality loss when used in combination with a mono leadin.
Steps To ReproduceSpawn a speaker and put "forest_children" on it. Listen in-game. Go back to DR, replace the sound shader with "forest_children_z". Listen in-game again. The difference is major.
Additional InformationThis has been an issue as far back as 2.02 and I have tagged it as such.

Please see this thread:

for possible fixes to this bug.
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11.12.2017 22:16

administrator   ~0009763

I changed the sound to stereo format. I can't tell the difference.


12.12.2017 10:15

reporter   ~0009766

I can confirm that there is now parity in the sound quality between forest_children and forest_children_z in 2.06.


14.12.2017 15:03

administrator   ~0009784


Is someone supposed to be doing something at this point?


14.12.2017 18:51


If silence.ogg has been converted to stereo and is part of 2.06 svn then no.


14.12.2017 19:39

administrator   ~0009796

Fixed in rev 15073.


14.12.2017 19:44


As always nice work fella.

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