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0004547The Dark ModGUIpublic02.07.2017 06:58
Reporterstgatilov Assigned Tostgatilov  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionTDM 2.06 
Target VersionTDM 2.06Fixed in VersionTDM 2.06 
Summary0004547: Credits GUI: video sequences start looping
DescriptionIf you run credits with newest FFmpeg-based cinematics, then each ROQ video would play again and again after it ends.
Additional InformationThe problem is in GUI scripts which run credits.
They should resetCinematics and set notime for the windows with videos after video has ended (probably detect with CinematicEnd named event).
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related to 0004535 resolvedstgatilov Showing video for its full duration 




02.07.2017 06:57

administrator   ~0008943

Fixed in revision 6994 (code).

Instead of changing GUI scripts, I decided to change the code and partially rolled back the changes from 0004535 issue.
Now cinematics is closed ONLY when GUI script actually has a handler for "CinematicEnd" named event. If there is no such handler, then the old behavior is restored.

This means that there is no need to hunt down every GUI script which forgets to reset time after it ends (like credits GUI). Now they work as before: cinematic continues to be polled each frame, and continues to constantly spam to logfile. But it remains in EOF state, so no image is returned.

On the other hand, a good GUI script should listen to "CinematicEnd" event and stop GUI time at that moment. If there is CinematicEnd handler, then closing cinematics is necessary to avoid triggering event again when cinematic is restarted =(

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