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0004653The Dark ModCodingpublic07.11.2017 00:40
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Product VersionTDM 2.05 
Summary0004653: in FX, trackorigin doesn't work without fadeIn or fadeOut
DescriptionI've attached an altered version of the mage FX file: it changes the mage's melee attack to demonstrate this bug. In the altered fx/smallsparks1 the particles don't actually attach themselves to the mage's hand unless one of the fade-related lines is uncommented. They hang in the air instead.
Additional Information has the fix used in End of Sun. As it notes, the workaround is to set a very short fadeIn/fadeOut, but it reports that this hasn't worked properly with all particles.
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07.11.2017 00:40


tdm_mage_effects.fx (1,017 bytes)

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