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0004657The Dark ModGraphicspublic12.11.2017 11:18
Reporterdemagogue Assigned Toduzenko  
Status resolvedResolutionopen 
PlatformDell XPS 13 i7 (Intel GPU)OSWin 10 
Product VersionTDM 2.06 
Target VersionTDM 2.06 
Summary0004657: Turning on soft shadows turns out all lights on some systems
DescriptionTurning on the lowest version of soft shadows turned out all lights on my laptop, which uses Intel's GPU (circa late 2015 on whatever is the latest driver). There is total darkness of all lighting.

I imagined it's a GPU issue.
Steps To ReproduceTurning on any setting of soft shadows turns out the lights for all FMs.
Turning soft shadows back off does not turn them back on.
I have to restart the game with the setting off, and then on re-start the lights will be back on.
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11.11.2017 16:24

administrator   ~0009574

It would be great to look at console at game startup and when you enable soft shadows, in case there are some errors related to shaders.

But in general it works like this: when you enable soft shadows, it breaks interaction shader, so you see no lighting (except ambient).

What you could also try is:
1. Enable "r_useGLSL 1" in console (most likely it is already enabled).
2. Enable "r_useFBO 1" in console.
3. Enable "r_softShadowsQuality 12" in console (soft shadows to medium).
If it does not break or it breaks before step 3, that's interesting =)


11.11.2017 16:59

reporter   ~0009577

I have had a single case where, upon switching maps from the console with soft shadows on, all shadows (shadow stencils?) were gone while light was on. Disabling soft shadows (r_softShadowsQuality 0) was the only way to make them show. I have not been able to reproduce this.


12.11.2017 10:33

developer   ~0009581

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I put the console dump on an FM start here, with soft shadows turned on & not working (all lights out):

There was no console text when soft shadows was turned on, neither through the main menu (pre-FM) nor during an FM playing.

I'll let the experts interpret it.

I also entered the console commands you listed. There were no visible effects.



12.11.2017 10:50

administrator   ~0009583

Here is the compile error:

WARNING:shaderCompileFromFile(glprogs/interaction.vs) validation
ERROR: 0:40: 'var_WorldPos' : undeclared identifier
ERROR: 0:40: 'u_modelMatrix' : undeclared identifier
ERROR: 0:40: 'u_lightOrigin2' : undeclared identifier
ERROR: 0:40: 'assign' : cannot convert from '3-component vector of highp float
' to 'highp float'

It is quite fascinating that this shader works on most of machines =)

Now we need a pointed compile fix in this shader in 2.06 release branch.


12.11.2017 11:17

developer   ~0009584

Just a note that dropping nbohr1more's glprogs ( into the base pk4 fixed the problem. Soft shadows are working now.

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