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0004673The Dark ModGraphicspublic29.04.2018 21:06
ReporterSpooks Assigned Toduzenko  
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Target VersionTDM 2.06Fixed in VersionTDM 2.06 
Summary0004673: Cubemap stages in materials are broken.
DescriptionCubemap stages in 2.06 do not interact with normal maps and appear tilted, which is not the case in 2.05. Nothing with the mtr syntax has changed, therefore the problem likely lies in the vertex/fragment program.

An example, default texture with a cubemap stage is textures/glass/dull_opaque01. It is used on Springheel's window models.
Additional InformationEither environment.vfp, bumpyEnvironment.vfp or interaction.vfp could be the program that is responsible for processing cubemap stages. It has been forever since I've dug in those files, however, so even those might be false leads.

See a screenshot of the problem and another, example material definition with a cubemap stage in this post:
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16.11.2017 20:53

reporter   ~0009631

I think stgatilov was looking into this. He asked me about cubemaps via PM and I sent him a test map.


18.11.2017 15:53

developer   ~0009635

Can you attach the test map here as well?


19.11.2017 08:50

developer   ~0009636

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I can't see the problem.
You mean the "lamp" cubic light?
I can see it interacting with the bricks2 material using the normal map.
Or is it about the ambient light? But then what do you mean by "cubemap stage"? The material itself does not include any cubemaps that I can see.
Screenshot attached.



19.11.2017 08:51


Untitled.jpg (444,899 bytes)


19.11.2017 11:01

reporter   ~0009637

I have attached a new test map with the bare minimum so the problem can be spotted more easily. There is only an ambient_world light for visibility, six walls and a player spawn.

The cubemap is defined inside the shader's material definition. The attached map uses textures/glass/dull_opaque01, inside for testing. The code block in that definition looks like this:

        map makealpha(textures/glass/glass1)
    // now use the alpha mask to add some fake reflections
        blend gl_dst_alpha, gl_one
        cubeMap env/gen3
                texgen reflect

Most other shaders have similar syntax WRT their cubemap stages.

Running the map in 2.05 and 2.06 should show that the cubemap stage doesn't properly get affected by the shader's normal map like it used to.


19.11.2017 11:02

reporter (4,073 bytes)


19.11.2017 18:49

developer   ~0009639

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Svn rev 7292: passing tex coords to bumpy environment shader
Please test if it makes any difference to you



19.11.2017 23:53

reporter   ~0009640

As I don't have SVN access, I'll either wait until the next beta package to test this fix, or you could ask nbhor1more to verify this. I will report here later regardless.


20.11.2017 02:50

developer   ~0009641

The test map now looks identical to 2.05.
I'll leave this in feedback status until the next 2.06 beta package is up.


25.11.2017 13:35

reporter   ~0009699

I can confirm that now with the latest package. Someone like VanishedOne might want to chime in since he's also noticed the bug, but it seems fixed to me.

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