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0004674The Dark ModCodingpublic27.03.2020 20:39
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Product VersionTDM 2.06 
Summary0004674: Particles that look different or are invisible since 2.06
DescriptionTest map at -- behaviour is the same in the 2.06 release version. With blend blend the bubbles are visible in 2.06 but very dark; with the non-alpha-involving blends I tried I could see nothing. Yet only particles seem affected: the same materials blend normally on a worldspawn patch.
Additional InformationThe bubble .tga has an alpha channel, which is used in the blend blend version.
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20.08.2019 23:22

developer   ~0011822

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I think this has something to do with how colour multipliers are applied to the materials used for the particles.

First, let's suppose you have entityColor 1 set in the particle decl.

If you use a material like textures/particles/boomboom3, which uses the vertexcolor keyword, as your particle, the emitter's _color gets applied to the particles.

If you instead use textures/particles/dim_disk, which references entity shaderparms instead of using vertexcolor, then in 2.05 the particles have the _color of the emitter, but in 2.07 I don't see anything (maybe the effective colour is black?).

If I disable entityColor and try to apply a colour within the particle decl, again, I can colour textures/particles/dim_disk in 2.05 but see nothing in 2.07.



26.08.2019 14:55

developer   ~0011828

It doesn't seem to be a problem with passing shaderparms in general, only with setting the colour. I tried making material stages conditional on parm7 and those particles worked as expected.


10.09.2019 16:56

developer   ~0011844

Relevant? (From draw_common.cpp):

// Ignoring vertexColor is not recommended for particles. The particle system uses vertexColor for fading.
// However, there are existing particle effects that don't use it, in which case we default to using the
// rgb color modulation specified in the material like the "old stages" do below.


27.03.2020 20:16

developer   ~0012316

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It seems to be less easily worked around than 'particles without vertexColor are broken'.

bloodwound (particle decl) uses textures/particles/bloodspray

In 2.05 the particle is visible on an emitter. If I comment out vertexColor, textures/particles/bloodspray becomes visible on a worldspawn patch too, and the particles remain visible.

In 2.07 commenting out vertexColor still makes the material visible on a patch, but the particles are invisible either way.

Edit: actually, that's probably what I noted above about particles that don't use entityColor. Possibly complicated by the material's use of a gl_one_minus_src_color multiplier in the blend mode.

Edit: well, setting entityColor 1 and giving the emitter a _color doesn't seem to be getting me anywhere...

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