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0004680The Dark ModGraphicspublic22.03.2020 18:14
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Target VersionTDM 2.09 
Summary0004680: Falloff and projection textures replacement
DescriptionI believe that modern low-end GPU's are often limited with their TMUs.
E.g. Intel HD Graphics 4600 have the following Peak Theoretical GPU Performance:
 5.4 GPixels/s, 10.8 GTexels/s, 432 GFLOPS.
This means that best case scenario only two textures can be used per clock. Each consecutive texture is taxing on the fillrate.
This problem is further aggravated by the customary low memory bandwidth and fighting with CPU for memory and L3 cache access.
At the same time this GPU can do up to 80 ALU instructions per clock, as long as operands are local.
Let's try and see if some of the standard light falloff and projection textures can be replaced with GLSL formulas and how much fps gain it can bring.
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related to 0003684 new Investigate GPL Renderer Improvements 




24.11.2017 20:23

developer   ~0009695

Quick test fps: 36 -> 37. Two full-screen lights, little geometry and AI.


28.06.2018 15:48

developer   ~0010601

Moved to 2.08
2.07 is a bug-fix release.

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