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0004730The Dark ModCodingpublic20.03.2018 22:02
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Product VersionTDM 2.06 
Summary0004730: Problem with unfrobable key in Heart of Lone Salvation
DescriptionSee this problem description:

And my initial reponse:
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19.03.2018 17:08


@Grayman, could I not fix this by tweaking the the drawer and the frob_control..?


20.03.2018 01:49

administrator   ~0010109

As I said in my post, it looks like somewhere during the playing of the mission, the on/off of the frob controller got reversed.

So tweaking the drawer and/or frob control might not fix it.


20.03.2018 22:02


Fair enough, thought it was worth the ask.

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