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0004731The Dark ModModelspublic29.03.2020 20:16
Reportergrayman Assigned ToObstler  
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Target VersionTDM 2.07Fixed in VersionTDM 2.08 
Summary0004731: Add Epifire's security camera model
DescriptionEpifire has a nice security camera which can be added to 2.07.

Pictures are here:

All the pieces are in the attached files.

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15.01.2018 14:37




15.01.2018 14:37

administrator (2,481,755 bytes)


15.01.2018 14:41

administrator   ~0010016

As delivered, the camera pieces are NOT in the folders where they belong.

The dds files go into dds/models/darkmod/props/textures.

The mtr file goes into materials.

The lwo files go into models/darkmod/mechanical.

The tga file goes into textures/models/darkmod/props/textures.


15.01.2018 14:44

administrator   ~0010017

Since it's difficult to put the camera parts in the right place, 2 prefabs would be necessary, one for a wall-mounted camera, and one for a ceiling-mounted camera.


15.01.2018 14:45

administrator   ~0010018

Scripting is needed to make the gears turn in the right direction.

Probably binding them to the head will take care of the fact that the gears are pitched.


19.03.2018 16:21


Pm'ing Obs to see if he can have a look at this as Gman is upto his eyes in getting 2.06 out the door atm.


11.07.2018 10:11

developer   ~0010667

Modified the camera visibility check with rev #7562:


- Traces for head and origin (shoulders could be added, but are probably not needed?)
- Trace starts a bit in front of camera, as it seems that the model blocked the trace sometimes


11.07.2018 13:54

administrator   ~0010671

This is ready for testing?


11.07.2018 14:39

developer   ~0010672

It is.


21.02.2019 18:38

developer   ~0011644

I see this is marked as fixed in 2.07, and says it was added in 2.07, but the only camera models I can actually find in my 2.07 installation are the models/darkmod/mechanical/security_camera.ase family. Am I missing something?


23.02.2019 08:23

developer   ~0011647

I have uploaded the camera stuff as per above but haven't committed them to svn as I thought they would be tested before doing so. It seems they haven't been added afterwards either. The code is there, though (see above comment), so if you download the files you should be able to use the camera. Note that the camera is an entity.

Seems like there was a misunderstanding here, sorry. :(


23.02.2019 08:34

developer   ~0011648

Added with rev. #15644


26.04.2019 21:04

administrator   ~0011769

There are no script files in that rev.

Were there code changes as well?


27.04.2019 08:58

developer   ~0011770

I'll take a look. I somehow messed up the camera related stuff, but I will try to fix it as soon as I find the time. Sorry. :(


27.04.2019 09:14

administrator   ~0011771

Ok, thanks.

No rush.


09.06.2019 16:35

reporter   ~0011809

It would be great if this camera has the ability to follow the player for a short while after it detects you and before it fires the alarm. Similar to the t2 style cameras.

Other wise its really easy to just side step out of its view cone when detected.

Also the default alarm drops my FPS to like 15, probably because its alerting the entire map.


10.06.2019 14:37

developer   ~0011810

If we're adding enhancement suggestions here, may I add one about letting the default skin and particle names be overridden by mappers via spawnargs? Recently someone wanted an invisible security camera for something and couldn't get the skin working; I checked the code and saw it seemed to be using hardcoded on/off skins (so I ended up suggesting overriding those built-in skins with same-named ones as a workaround). The spark particles are hardcoded too, I think, so anyone trying to create the 'gruesome sentries' from would get sparking animal heads.


29.03.2020 19:48

developer   ~0012322

I found Epifire's camera models in the 2.08 beta. Is everything there to close this? Should it be left open for my and Kingsal's comments just above, or should those get their own tracker entries?


29.03.2020 20:14

administrator   ~0012323

I have a working Epi camera in one of my 2.08-dependent WIPs, so the camera works.

I have not implemented any of the suggestions after the Apr 27 2019 note. I don't plan to, and Obs is no longer around, so these suggestions would need to be implemented by someone else, perhaps in 2.09.



29.03.2020 20:16

administrator   ~0012324

See attached picture.
camera.jpg (403,035 bytes)

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