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0000476DarkRadiantSaving and loadingpublic30.12.2007 11:28
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Summary0000476: Verify entities, materials and links on map load
DescriptionSometimes entity classnames, materials, or other assets get re-organized/re-named in SVN. This usually breaks already existing maps and fixing these maps is currently done manually.

However, after DR starts, it already has a full list of known entity classes, and when it loads a map, it could verify each "used" entity and if it is not a known class, warn the user, then ask him to pick the new class (like f.i. if "bc_chest" is unknown, player picks "chest01" from classname chooser). DR then replaces all the faulty entity classes with new ones.

I guess this likewise can work for missing material definitions.

In the same spirit, any link from one entity to another can be checked at map loading time to be sane, e.g. it must point to an existing entity. If it doesn't DR should warn, and let the user pick an entity from the already existing ones (or let him simple type the right name).
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