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0004801DarkRadiantGUIpublic11.06.2018 14:56
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Product Version2.6.0 
Summary0004801: Model Scaler Axis Constraint Inconsistent With Orthoview When Model Has Been Rotated
DescriptionHolding SHIFT constrains the model scaler widget to only scale on a given axis. The axes, however, are completely inconsistent with the ortho view.

Consider ZX orthoview. Moving a vertice with SHIFT held up/down (along the Z axis) will predictably scale the model along said Z axis, making it taller/shorter. Move the vertice left/right (along X), however, and the model will scale along the Y axis instead of the X axis. The same type of inconsistency is present in the other two orthoviews.

ZY: Moving a vertice along the Y axis will scale the model along the X axis and actually move the model too (?).

YX: Same issue as above for moving a vert along Y. Moving a vert along X is the weirdest, several transformation operations seem to be happening at once and I can't correctly describe them.
Additional InformationEDIT: After additional testing I've determined this only occurs when the model you're scaling has been rotated in some way. I've updated the title. My examples above are therefore probably only applicable to the specific rotation I had the model under while testing.
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