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0004836The Dark ModCodingpublic16.06.2018 13:19
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Summary0004836: Early texture loading
DescriptionCurrently textures are loaded at the end of map load even though materials that create them are loaded rather early. This way we can parse materials and images at the same time in parallel.
Options/steps to move into a background thread:
0 - pass all image load errors to console as usual
1 - parse the image program
2 - load disk file content
3 - create a OpenGL texture on a secondary GL context (unless there is a context-less way to do this)
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16.06.2018 06:25

administrator   ~0010529

I think texture loading is dominated by pushing data into OpenGL library/driver. So I'm not sure if this idea would help much given the effort.

But as usual: if you introduce some multithreading, be sure to maintain a switch which makes everything single-threaded.
There is nothing worse than unavoidable Heisenbugs in the code.


16.06.2018 13:19

developer   ~0010533

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Grayman was investigating this in 2014 here:

I haven't found the bug tracker about it yet.

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