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0004867The Dark ModGUIpublic21.12.2018 13:56
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Product VersionTDM 2.06 
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Summary0004867: New briefing videos do not automatically move to objective screen when done.
DescriptionThe wiki states that you no longer need to put in your video length in milliseconds. "It is no longer necessary to explicitly specify the duration of a video file, as it was for the ROQ files"

However if the MM_BRIEFING_VIDEO_LENGTH is not set, the GUI system pauses after the video is done and doesn't automatically move to the objectives screen. (user needs to click, which is no good)

This should either be fixed or corrected in the wiki.
Steps To ReproduceOpen up one of Goldwells missions and change MM_BRIEFING_VIDEO_LENGTH_1 to "0" and notice the hang up after the video players.
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17.07.2018 17:43

administrator   ~0010692

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The event "CinematicEnd" is handled in the stock version of file mainmenu_briefing_video.gui, starting from TDM 2.06.

Both AC1 and AC2 missions override this file with local version, so the event is not handled in them. That's why cinematic is not finished automatically if you set duration to zero. Port the latest changes (i.e. the CinematicEnd event handler) into your GUI code and cinematic will be finished automatically. Or create a new map without overriding this GUI file.



17.07.2018 17:54

administrator   ~0010693

Supposedly improved the wording in wiki:
I hope this way it would be easier for mappers who override GUI scripts to guess what is wrong.

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