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0004869The Dark ModGraphicspublic21.07.2018 08:42
Reporterstgatilov Assigned Toduzenko  
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Target VersionTDM 2.07Fixed in VersionTDM 2.07 
Summary0004869: Somewhere Above the City: some objects are sometimes perfectly white
DescriptionHere are some objects which are perfectly white under some viewing angles.
Namely, the objects in the room where the rogue priest is located.
Steps To Reproduce1. Start "Somewhere Above the City" map.
2. Go to the priest room near the end of mission.
3. Walk through the room and look around.
Some objects become white sometimes.

If you don't know where the room is, you may try to find the topmost point of the map (the tower with artefact), then go down looking for someone in red robes. Then kill him: if you get objective complete, then it was the priest =)
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17.07.2018 17:32


Darkmod.cfg (12,203 bytes)


17.07.2018 18:32

developer   ~0010694

Try going back to before 7573.

Recent Duzenko changes have caused a few issues.

One being too many foreground objects in reflective water in the animated grass map...


18.07.2018 13:08

administrator   ~0010697

Yes, on revision 7575 I can reproduce it, on revision 7565 I can't.
I hope Duzenko can fix it quickly.


21.07.2018 08:41

developer   ~0010711

At revision: 7587


21.07.2018 08:42

developer   ~0010712

Thanks for narrowing it down nicely. Broken while optimizing uniform updates for the depth shader.

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