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0004886The Dark ModAnimationpublic11.02.2024 05:13
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Summary0004886: Armed skeleton animates incorrectly when starting sitting
DescriptionIn the attached image, the left-hand armed skeleton (between the Revenant and beggar) has "sitting" "1" set. The head is detached from the neck, the arms are outspread and the ribcage is incorrectly oriented.

The one on the right targets a path_sit node instead. It looks fine, but if I remove the angle spawnarg on the node that caused it to turn before sitting, it exhibits the same problem.

I replaced these skeletons with unarmed versions and they didn't exhibit the problem, so the cause may have something to do with the weapon attachment.
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04.03.2019 23:35

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"draws_weapon" "0" makes the glitch disappear, so it does seem to be related to the weapon attachment.

(By default "draws_weapon" "1" is set, and on map load a standing armed skeleton will perform a sheathing animation. With "draws_weapon" "0" the sword is already sheathed. Revenants aren't affected because they don't use draws_weapon; their swords are attached to their hands rather than their hips, and never get sheathed. But an armed beggar also has "draws_weapon" "1" and always seems to start with his weapon sheathed; I don't know why skeletons behave differently.)

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