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0004893The Dark ModScript/Defpublic19.10.2018 20:52
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Summary0004893: Internal errors cause the engine to freeze on Linux
DescriptionI found a very problematic issue in the engine. I'm running TDM 2.06, 64bit executable, Linux version (openSUSE Tumbleweed x64). The issue is as follows:

Previously, if a bad script or definition or missing asset error occurred, TDM would crash back to the main menu and the error would appear in the console. It seems this is no longer the case and something worse happens instead: Errors will now cause the process to freeze, shortly followed by a permanent black screen.

The reason why this is annoying is because alt-tab switching still doesn't work. To recover the operating system, I need to hit Control + Alt + F1 to go to a different runlevel then use 'top' to find the TDM process followed by a 'kill -9 PID'. Can anyone else confirm this and fix the engine locking up on internal errors?
Steps To ReproduceCreate and trigger a broken definition. For example: Edit one of the weapons to point to an invalid asset, or comment out a line that's essential for the entity... the crash should then occur when you select that weapon.
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07.10.2018 10:42

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I think the first step is to check if the issue can be reproduced on current SVN version.

TDM 2.06 had plenty of various problems with renderer, which could easily cause any sort of crash/hang in non-standard circumstances.



07.10.2018 11:31

reporter   ~0010783

The issue with checking the SVN version is that last I remember, I had issues compiling the engine from SVN. I shall try again and see if I run into any problems, then remember how to run TDM with the compiled engine.


07.10.2018 13:27

administrator   ~0010784

Could you please try to reproduce the problem in the following way:
1. Start tdm as "./thedarkmod.x64 +seta developer 1".
2. Open console and type "error" command.
Do so first from main menu, then while playing game.


19.10.2018 20:52

reporter   ~0010790

Sorry for taking so long to get back to this. I preformed the test above and the results were interesting: Both from the main menu and in-game, using the "error" console command crashed to the main menu like it should. The total engine freeze must be caused by some specific model or definition problem.

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