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0004894The Dark ModGraphicspublic20.12.2018 15:22
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Summary0004894: Investigate the Rightful Property wall insignia
DescriptionIt would looks like something is missing there - bad depth alpha test?
Steps To ReproduceRightful Property, the tunnel guard post room.
Insignias on the wall.
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related to 0003771 acknowledged Models with corrupt or badly scaled textures - ongoing 




17.12.2018 03:00

administrator   ~0010953

Checked with first 2.07 branch.

If the "insignias" are the shields on the walls, they look fine (other than being embedded into the wall).


20.12.2018 05:24

developer   ~0010990

No different than the asset in 2.04

There are problems with this asset:

1) The normal map resolution is so low that the insignia has just
barely enough resolution to prevent pixelization

2) The normal map for the insignia looks like it was done using early Doom 3 practices instead of using a heightmap, a model bake or njob. There are
boundary artifacts in the carving lines kinda like texture sharpening does.

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