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0004908The Dark ModGUIpublic28.12.2018 16:30
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Product VersionTDM 2.06 
Summary0004908: Readables using xdata have no visible GUI surface when non-frobable
DescriptionI'm finding that readables using xdata don't display their _world GUIs on their models if they're set to "frobable" "0". This breaks atdm:readable_immobile_sign_small01 since that's its default setting.

GUI text set directly in spawnargs, as in the sign text decal prefabs, seems unaffected.
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28.12.2018 08:55

developer   ~0011153

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As a workaround, can you set frobable 1, but frob_distance 0? Is this changed behavior, i.e., did it work in a previous version?



28.12.2018 16:30

developer   ~0011163

A "frob_distance" "0" spawnarg on the entity seems to be ignored, but "frob_distance" "1" does have the desired effect. Thanks for the workaround.

It's not changed behaviour from my point of view - I don't think I've tried to use xdata with signs before - but presumably atdm:readable_immobile_sign_small01 worked when it was added to TDM. (This makes me wonder how widely it's actually been used; you'd think we'd start to notice if blank signage kept appearing in missions...)

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