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0004920The Dark ModGUIpublic19.12.2018 23:27
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Summary0004920: FrobHelper does not show for pick-pocket items
DescriptionThe FrobHelper does not show for pick-pocket items like keys for the following reason:
The ignore size defines upto which size of objects the frob helper is supposed to be shown. In order to ensure the frob helper does not show for door handles, locks and lockhandles attached to doors, I check the whole entity team: If any axis-aligned bounding box dimension of any team-entity exceeds the ignore size, the whole team is ignored. This approach makes sense for large objects like doors and so on, but it also prevents the FrobHelper from showing for pick-pocket items.
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19.12.2018 22:18

developer   ~0010983

A solution could be to check if the entity is supposed to go into the inventory when frobbed. In order to do so, I could analyse the spawnargs: Is the item a inv_loot_type, does it have an inv_name is it a toolclass?

I am not sure how reliable this approach would be. Are there better, more general spawnargs to check?


19.12.2018 22:43

developer   ~0010984

Looking at Inventory.cpp, it becomes clear that I have to check whether the item is either loot, ammo, weapon or a general inventory item.


19.12.2018 23:01

developer   ~0010985

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I have added a method CanBePickedUp() to idEntity to solve this issue. This method checks whether the entity is one of the above classes via its spawnargs. If an entity can be picked up, the size check is only performed on the entity in question and not the whole team.

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