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0004940The Dark ModAIpublic16.02.2020 06:30
Reporterstgatilov Assigned Tograyman  
PrioritynormalSeveritymajorReproducibilityhave not tried
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Product VersionTDM 2.07 
Target VersionTDM 2.07Fixed in VersionTDM 2.07 
Summary0004940: Various AI get dead/unconscious before you get to them
DescriptionPeople notice that sometimes they find AI already dead or unconscious. It is often not clear if this is intended by the mission or is a bug.

Original source:

I'm tracking this issue because while playing Crucible Omens: Behind Closed Doors, I found THREE women dead or unconscious, included the main antagonist Lazarova. I was lucky that Lazarova did not die, because that would have been immediate fail.
Steps To Reproduce1) Start "Crucible Omens: BCD" FM.

2) Play or wait (not clear yet).

3) Go and check these locations:
  setviewpos 926.72 544.08 620.25 47.9 103.6 0.0
  setviewpos 553.48 707.73 869.25 39.6 -8.0 0.0
  setviewpos 2931.58 -1590.61 493.37 43.1 -99.0 0.0
At each location, find a woman nearby. If she is alive (maybe sleeping) --- that's OK. If she is dead or lying motionless, that's bad.
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01.01.2019 16:02


bcd_woman_out_1.jpg (548,343 bytes)


01.01.2019 16:02


bcd_woman_out_2.jpg (410,816 bytes)


01.01.2019 16:02


bcd_woman_out_3.jpg (418,380 bytes)


01.01.2019 16:45

administrator   ~0011208

I set a teleport-cycle between the three chairs, with a delay of 10 seconds between jumps.

I never see them dying on my eyes. But the women get off very fast if I continue teleporting.
They always die at the same place. And this place is the place where they usually sit down.

I tried to use "tdm_ai_opt_forceopt 1" and did not understand how this works. Once I set it when Lazarova was sitting down, and then set if back to "tdm_ai_opt_forceopt 0". She was knocked down immediately! I was like: "Oh my God, chair-killers take our chicks!" =)


01.01.2019 16:57

administrator   ~0011209

Just tried again: after five minutes two women out of three were lying on floor near their beloved chairs.
My mom told me that sitting is unhealthy... but not so much! =)


02.01.2019 02:52

administrator   ~0011212

A preliminary check of these three women with my current corrections to the fix for 4936 shows two remaining healthy and one on the floor.

Some progress, I guess.


02.01.2019 13:12

administrator   ~0011219

Just to check whether my 3989 changes were causing this problem, I reverted those changes in my local 2.07, rebuilt, and ran BCD for about 15 minutes at timescale 2, so that's about a half hour of play time.

All three women were alive, well, and moving around at the end of that time.

So I'll include BCD in my testing of further changes for 3989 until everyone's happy.

If dead AI become a problem, then feel free to revert these revs from 2.07 until further notice:



02.01.2019 22:27

administrator   ~0011234

Testing new 3989 solution now, checking women in BCD.


03.01.2019 15:56

administrator   ~0011239

New 3989 solution looks good, sitters and sleepers staying alive and conscious.

Will commit in a few hours.


03.01.2019 19:50

administrator   ~0011242

Fixed by the fix for issue 4936.

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