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0005019The Dark ModAIpublic23.02.2020 19:35
Reporterzergrush Assigned Tograyman  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformPCOSGNU/LinuxOS VersionUbuntu 18.04
Product VersionTDM 2.07 
Target VersionTDM 2.08Fixed in VersionTDM 2.08 
Summary0005019: Reaction time of AI too fast when spotting player in full light
DescriptionPlaying TDM on default difficulty settings,(AI vision: "Forgiving", AI hearing: "Challenging") AI seems to be having little to no delayed response upon spotting the player in full light, even if at considerable distance. This leads to overly punishing situations for the player.
Steps To ReproduceLoad the save game provided for the Bakery Job mission. AI will come out of the door and take aggressive stance within a fraction of a second upon spotting the player, giving no time to react.
Additional InformationHappens in other missions too when spotted in full light.
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related to 0004347 resolvedgrayman Severe FPS drop near start of Penny Dreadful 3 




25.03.2019 22:15

reporter (360,844 bytes)


25.03.2019 22:30


savegames.tar.7z (1,707,240 bytes)


25.03.2019 22:31

reporter   ~0011693

Added another savegame replicating the issue in Cleaning up the Neiborhood (savegames.tar.7z)


26.03.2019 02:19

administrator   ~0011694

Some notes if I end up looking at this:

1. Since I can't build 2.07 any more, this has to be debugged in the Trunk, which means I can't use the savegames.

2. Luckily, it's easy to quickly get to the spots where the problems are showing up.

3. CUtN requires 2.07, so I can't run it with anything earlier (to compare behaviors).

4. St. Lucia doesn't say what it requires (!!), so just try revs earlier than 2.07 to spot where the behavior change occurred.


26.03.2019 12:11

reporter   ~0011695

I'll see if I can manage to run an older version later.

For now, I've uploaded two videos of the issue:


28.03.2019 00:59

administrator   ~0011697

A bug has definitely crept into the visibility code.

A comparison of a similar setup to CUtN (2 lights + ambient, player fully lit and up 6' or so, same guard at the same distance) shows that the delay that exists between achieving levels 4 and 5 in 2.00 has pretty much disappeared in 2.07. (See attached.)

So the focus should be on how is the delay applied, and why did it change?


28.03.2019 01:00


alerts.jpg (116,338 bytes)   
alerts.jpg (116,338 bytes)   


30.03.2019 18:20

administrator   ~0011703

Whatever is done to correct this problem should still allow the start of PD3 to work properly.


14.04.2019 19:04

administrator   ~0011740

I modified the AI vision factors into a blend of the 2.07 settings and the settings I suggested in the visibility thread.

They're now

nearly blind 0.134
forgiving 0.402
challenging 0.804
hardcore 1.005

I also adjusted the reaction time when entering Combat mode so that it more resembles what we had in 2.04. (I.e. fix the 'bug' mentioned in the visibility thread.)

To test these, remove the 4 visibility factor lines from your Darkmod.cfg file and TDM will use the new defaults.

I tested these settings on Cleaning up the Neighbourhood, PD3, and the Bakery Job.

The results seemed okay to me.

This is a very subjective area, so I'm hoping that these settings won't disturb existing missions or get folks grumbling about the changes based on what they're used to.

I committed Windows binaries to the trunk. I no longer build linux, so anyone wanting to test on linux will need to get a dev to build binaries for them.

These changes are only available in the SVN trunk. I don't plan to retrofit them into 2.07. If someone's unable to obtain access to the SVN trunk version of TDM, they'll need to wait until we begin beta testing 2.08.

At this time, I plan no further changes to the visibility code. It's complex enough as it is.


23.02.2020 19:35

administrator   ~0012240

It's been 10 months since this entered the "feedback" status, and no one's reported any problems.

Bumping it to "resolved".

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