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0005023The Dark ModModelspublic31.03.2019 20:47
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Product VersionTDM 2.07 
Summary0005023: Certain surfaces overbright in fog
DescriptionThe attached map shows models on which the odd surface appears overbright, especially in foglights (possibly also in blendlights used as fogs). I've marked out the less obvious ones with text entities.

It looks as though families of models will tend to share the same overbright surfaces, e.g. the windows and frames from interior_set01 -- so there are probably models not included in the test map that exhibit the same issue. On the other hand, I did check the other fence_spike_01* models and only these two seem affected.
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31.03.2019 20:08

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31.03.2019 20:47

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I can confirm this as I just, independently, was playing around with the springheel module sets.

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