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0005059The Dark ModGraphicspublic13.11.2019 02:03
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Product VersionTDM 2.07 
Summary0005059: Stereoscopy support
DescriptionI'm well aware the engine doesn't have real support for VR headsets, which is a difficult task that will take much effort to achieve. But what about basic stereoscopy with proper eye separation? Red-cyan anaglyph, split-screen side-by-side separation, interlaced... could those modes be supported? Having stereoscopy is a first requirement for implementing full virtual reality support later down the road, but until then they can be very useful and immersive on their own.

I recently got a VR headset. My headset currently only works as a standard display on my Linux box, I can't use head tracking nor even tell my computer I have a headset... I can however watch anything that supports separated stereoscopy in fullscreen. So far Xonotic is the only game I can play this way. For TDM, given its scenery and pace, this would be a formidable way to experience the world! Could basic stereoscopy support please be considered for the next release?
Additional InformationAs Xonotic is also based on the Quake engine (be it 1 / 2 / 3 and not 4) whereas its code is also GPL, perhaps this system could be copied from the source code of the Darkplaces engine. I attached two example images from this game: One is the normal mode, the other shows the exact format needed to support a standard VR headset.




13.11.2019 02:03


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