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0005076The Dark ModTDM Installerpublic25.06.2022 14:06
Reporterstgatilov Assigned Tostgatilov  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionTDM 2.07 
Target VersionTDM 2.11Fixed in VersionTDM 2.11 
Summary0005076: Switch updater/packager Linux build from SCons to CMake.
DescriptionThis make sense because we recently switched from SCons to CMake on the game itself (see related issue).
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related to 0005075 resolvedcabalistic Switch Linux build of TDM from SCons to CMake 
related to 0005250 resolvedstgatilov New differential update and weekly builds 
related to 0005495 resolvedstgatilov Terminate tdm_update support 




05.12.2020 12:32

administrator   ~0013101

Starting from 2.08, I'm doing release packaging on my Windows machine.
So Linux/FreeBSD build of updater/packager are not used at all.

After 2.09 release, tdm_update will be abandoned, so there would be no need to convert it.
The tdm_packager will still be needed, and I guess I will write CMakeLists for it then, dropping both SCons and VC projects.
I guess I'll separate packager from tdm_update in process...


25.06.2022 14:05

administrator   ~0014923

I copied part of tdm_update directory to tdm_package:
  r9948. Added cmake helper to use tinyformat via find_packge.
  r9950. Added initial version of standalone CMake build of tdm_package.

Then cleaned it extensively:
  r9951. Removed trash from Util.*
  r9954. Removed tdm_update-specific commands from packager.
  r9955. Removed UpdatePackage code.
  r9956. Reducing constants and includes.
  r9957. Replaced ExceptionSafeThread with simple ThreadPool.
  r9958. Removed Pimpl from SvnClient class.
  r9959. Removed ReleaseFileset and ReleaseVersions.
  r9960. Fixed Linux build of packager.

Finally, did some optimizations:
  r9963. Sort pk4 files by size decreasing, to make parallelization more efficient.
  r9964. Extracted pk4 patterns match into static method of Pk4Mappings and added fast implementation for trivial regexes.

And nuked tdm_update directory (RIP tdm_update):
  r9965. Deleted tdm_update directory.

And some extra:
  r16501. Cleaning pk4 mappings.
  r16502. Further cleaning of pk4 mappings.

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