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0005124DarkRadiantDesign/Codingpublic03.11.2020 12:30
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Product Version2.6.0 
Summary0005124: DR slow/laggy to move light sources around - on large maps
DescriptionThis is an old bug - if you have to move a light source around or adjust its light radious - its very very laggy. Current work around is to select the light and/or the objecting near where you moving the light to and press shift-h then its smooth again.
Steps To Reproduce- Open DR.
- Go into Orthoview.
- Select any light source (models or pure source)
- press LMB and move the entity around
Additional InformationMy guess is when the entity count goes above a certain paint DR is running into some kind of issue, that causing the lag.
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01.05.2020 12:38

reporter   ~0012439

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Is it possible to know whats causing the lag, or is it just not realisticlly fixable..?


01.05.2020 12:49

administrator   ~0012443

There's a lot going on when manipulating lights in large maps. It's due to the way DR is keeping track of lit objects, which is in fact very inefficient.
It can be fixed by changing the way it's done, but of course this is not exactly trivial.


03.11.2020 12:30

reporter   ~0012856

Well the work around I have for this is to press 'shift-H' to hide everything bar the light and or model I am trying to move around.

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