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0005152DarkRadiantMap Editingpublic14.02.2020 04:14
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Summary0005152: 'Select Group Parts' is disabled by going into Vertices mode
DescriptionSometimes I switch on 'Select Group Parts' if I want to adjust the vertices on a brush/patch of func_static, but as soon as I press v to enter vertices mode 'Select Group Parts' is disabled. I'm still able to do what I wanted on that particular func_static, but if I want to do this on several func_statics I need to re-enable 'Select Group Parts' for each one.
Steps To Reproduce1) Create a patch, clone & offset it a few times and convert everything into a func_static. Duplicate this so you have 2 func_statics.
2) Enable 'Select Group Parts'
3) Select one of the patches and hit v to enter vertices mode. Notice how 'Select Group Parts' is now disabled, but you're still able to manipulate the vertices of that patch.
4) Deselect and try to select a patch in the other func_static. You can't select it because 'Select Group Parts' isn't active anymore.
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