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0005177The Dark ModModelspublic13.03.2020 15:58
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Summary0005177: Upholstered furniture using wood surface types for cushioned surfaces
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The armchair* and sofa* series of materials, used by the corresponding models, use only the wood surface type. Unfortunately, short of 0003135 being implemented, that issue can't be fixed by editing the materials; the meshes would have to be changed to distinguish wooden and cushioned surfaces. I'm noting it here because it results in players' receiving completely the wrong indication about how noisy the cushions are to land on.
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related to 0000526 acknowledgedSerpentine Some materials have incorrect surface types 




13.03.2020 15:17

developer   ~0012266

For some models like the armchair and sofa I'd say that they look like the predominant material is fabric with only some bits of wood. Therefore I'd rather the whole model were "carpet" or "cloth" instead of the whole model being "wood".

Some models are also split up by material, i.e. models/darkmod/furniture/seating/dchair2.lwo has 1 material for the cushion and 1 for the wooden frame (however, both materials are "wood", which should be fixed). This approach could be extended across more furniture, at the expense of additional drawcalls.


13.03.2020 15:27

reporter   ~0012268

I wonder how much it should concern us that the armchairs and sofa2.lwo have a wooden underside. I mean, nothing stops a mapper putting an overturned sofa in a room in disarray, and there are moveable armchair entities like atdm:moveable_chair_arm_1_beige

I recently converted for TDM use (as best one can given the PBR stuff), and took the split-the-mesh approach. (It has a wooden base, back and sides.)


13.03.2020 15:51

reporter   ~0012271

Last edited: 13.03.2020 15:58

Speaking of the moveable armchairs, it turns out the clipmodel models/darkmod/misc/clipmodels/armchair1_cm.lwo actually uses... tdm_collision_cloth.

(Do collision models support multiple surface types? I seem to remember reading that only the first one gets applied, but I'm not sure where I read that.)

Edit: I was thinking of this: 'Multiple collision meshes have been successfully exported also, however they only use the material type of the first collision model loaded, this can also lead to instability.' -- Which is not quite what I was thinking of; I was wondering about assigning different materials to different surfaces within a single CM.

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