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0005192DarkRadiantShader Systempublic23.03.2020 18:57
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Product Version2.7.0 
Summary0005192: Failure to apply material name through Surface Inspector's entry box
DescriptionAfter opening a new map, applying a material to a previously untextured brush doesn't properly load the editor image. In a DEBUG configuration a couple of warnings are issued to missing GL contexts, which might help narrowing down the issue.

The problem only occurs when applying a previously unloaded texture through the Surface Inspector's entry box and hitting ENTER to apply it. Choosing the texture by opening the Browse dialog doesn't exhibit this problem.
Steps To Reproduce- Launch a fresh DR session
- Create a new map
- Draw a brush, keep it selected
- Open Surface Inspector
- Replace the _default texture with textures/darkmod/wood/boards/wood_brown_walnut in the entry box
- Hit ENTER to apply the texture
- The brush is rendered with a white material
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