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0000526The Dark ModModelspublic13.03.2020 15:04
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Summary0000526: Some materials have incorrect surface types
DescriptionFood models have surface type "cloth". This causes wierd effects, like broadheads breaking when you shoot a carrot.

Find out what surftype we can use:

* wood (sounds wrong)?
* flesh (would bleed)?
* foliage?

Candle holder has a material where broadheads stick into the metal.
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related to 0005177 new Upholstered furniture using wood surface types for cushioned surfaces 




07.03.2011 19:21

updater   ~0003720

Just clarified the title.
Report any materials/models that have this problem and I'll get around to making the changes


10.10.2015 00:11

reporter   ~0007850

The bacon material has no surface type at all; that one presumably should be flesh.


15.12.2016 15:48

reporter   ~0008619

Last edited: 16.12.2016 16:08

Fleshy beds, possibly because the material was intended for AI: discussion at and fixed version by Aosys at



31.10.2017 17:58

reporter   ~0009529

Last edited: 05.03.2019 17:06

Candle materials have no surface type, presumably because there isn't one for wax.

Edit: the candle models that have collision meshes built in use either tdm_collision_wood or tdm_collision_cardboard.

Later edit: Hmm, according to the cardboard surface type isn't even supposed to exist anymore.



04.11.2017 16:52

reporter   ~0009546

We have a couple of sand materials, but neither actually uses the sand surface type: textures/darkmod/nature/dirt/sand_purplish and textures/darkmod/nature/dirt/stones_sand01 are both considered dirt. I'm not sure whether this counts as an error.


05.03.2019 17:07

reporter   ~0011670

textures/darkmod/decals/statues/aphrodite is foliage.


16.03.2019 01:52

reporter   ~0011689

Bread and cake can't decide what they should be: models/props/textures/cake is cloth, but the models include tdm_collision_dirt meshes.

Similarly, turnips, apples and pears are cloth according to their visible materials, but moss according to their collision surfaces.

More strangely still, while the bc_carrot material is cloth, carrot.ase and carrot_bunch.ase have moss collision again, but carrot.lwo uses flesh.

The pepper materials have no surface type.


01.03.2020 00:49

reporter   ~0012248

The armchair* and sofa* series of materials, used by the corresponding models, use only the wood surface type. Unfortunately, short of 0003135 being implemented, that issue can't be fixed by editing the materials; the meshes would have to be changed to distinguish wooden and cushioned surfaces. I'm noting it here because it results in players' receiving completely the wrong indication about how noisy the cushions are to land on.


13.03.2020 11:55

developer   ~0012264

Last edited: 13.03.2020 11:59

Rev 15842
Went through what was posted here
1) cake, bread, turnip, pear, apple and applecore materials are now "moss" instead of "cloth". Has no effect on moveable impact sounds because they use their collision meshes.
2) candleholder surface seems to have been fixed already
3) bacon is now "flesh"
4) fleshy beds have already been fixed
5) made no changes to candle materials because as with 1 while it has no impact on moveable impact sounds, assigning them a material like wood or cloth may alter behaviour of maps where they were used on bsp (i.e. broadheads would bury themselves)
6) made no changes to sand materials because sand and dirt sound the same, but unforeseen differences may still exist (i.e. noisiness to AIs)
7) aphrodite decal is now "stone"
8) assigned "moss" to pepper decals
9) made no changes to armchair and sofa materials here since much of TDM's upholstered seating has wood materials and therefore is worth its own ticket

Available surface types for reference:

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