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0005260The Dark ModTweakingpublic24.05.2020 04:02
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Summary0005260: Stealth score: bodies found incorrect
DescriptionSeemingly this is a sum of all times an AI finds a body, even if already found by another AI
E.g. player kills 5 AI's but the body found is 10
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24.05.2020 04:02

developer   ~0012553

Demagogue or grayman would need to confirm but it is my understanding that scoring meant to reflect how many AI know about your activities
rather than scoring on the severity of the activity itself. Ultimately, whatever the design if one AI discovers a body you should get a significant increase in
stealth score but if two or more discover the same body your stealth score should go higher to reflect how conspicuous you are.

The distinction may not be all that meaningful in missions where AI are all pretty close to each other and can quickly alert others about a found body though.

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