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0005303The Dark ModGUIpublic31.07.2020 08:47
ReporterDragofer Assigned To 
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Product VersionTDM 2.08 
Summary0005303: AF Editor: view settings aren't remembered
DescriptionThe first tab of the AF Editor, "View" contains a lot of checkboxes for helpful visualisations of ragdoll components and their properties. Unfortunately, the next time TDM is started they're all back in the unchecked state, so one's preferred combination of visualisations has to be re-entered at the start of every session.
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31.07.2020 08:09

administrator   ~0012698

All these values are directly connected to cvars from af_* and r_* families.
In other words, you can tweak all of these settings without AF editor at all.
They are all non-archivable now.

I see two possibilities:
1) Make these cvars archivable.
2) Save the values into a new file (like editAFs.cfg) on every change done in the editor, and load them when you open the editor.
  Note that the loaded values will remain even if you close the editor, until you restart TDM...


31.07.2020 08:47

developer   ~0012700

An editAFs.cfg would be great. Regarding the loaded values remaining after the editor is closed, that's how it already works now and I think that's fine/useful for fullscreen testing.

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