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0005308DarkRadiantMap Editingpublic21.07.2020 23:38
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Product Version2.8.0 
Summary0005308: DR Sorting issue with particles/ transparent textures and selection.
DescriptionFunc_emitters / particles will occlude your surface selection in the camera preview. Seems minor, but this gets really cumbersome in maps with larger particle bounds like fog or dust.

Particles will also cause sorting issues with various alpha textures. Notice the tree branches are missing in the shot below and appear again after I hide func_emitters.

Note- this happens even with render/ particle preview off.
Steps To ReproduceOpen volta 1 in DR and head to -256 2424 -650 ( image attached). The room is just below the center of the map.

Select the floor surface (ctrl + shift + LMB) and move the camera up close to the ceiling and back down while facing the floor. You'll notice the selection face sorts behind the particle emitters in that room. (note: that floor is uneven, so just ignore the patch on top of it, which is naturally occluding the selection)

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21.07.2020 23:38


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volta1Capture.JPG (191,818 bytes)   
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