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0005351DarkRadiantSelection Systempublic03.10.2020 14:06
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Product Version2.8.0 
Summary0005351: Feature: select linked entities
DescriptionMappers sometimes deal with networks of entities targetting each other, most prominently when it comes to patrol paths. When there are multiple AIs patrolling an area, it can be difficult to visually pick out and follow the route of a specific AI, especially against the backdrop of the scenery.

My method of dealing with this has been to assign each AI's patrol nodes to a group, so I can click one node and see the whole network. It does make it a bit impractical to make changes, though, because I need to ungroup first and I need to make sure all involved layers are visible so I don't lose some of the nodes when I deselect them.

I was thinking a simple script that could automatically select all targets and targets of targets could make pathing routes easier to work with. Maybe it could be called "Select linked entities" and assigned to K, in analogy to Ctrl - K which makes entities target each other.
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