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0005359DarkRadiantMap Editingpublic12.10.2020 14:31
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Product Version2.8.0 
Summary0005359: Feature: mirror the rotation & origin of non-bsp entities
DescriptionCurrently the 3 mirror buttons on the left pane have little or no effect when applied to anything that’s not made of brushes or patches (bsp). This is understandable because true mirroring can’t be achieved without creating a new version of the model.

However, I think it’d be a powerful tool if these buttons were able to mirror at least the rotation and origin of such entities. This could for example be used to mirror the layout of clutter prefabs to better fit the available space, or to much more easily create symmetric arrangements of rotated models. I’ve attached 2 demonstration pics showing how mirroring would provide added value compared to rotating.

This would still have limitations for asymmetric models. In that case the mapper could either adjust the arrangement manually or change the model to a mirrored version.
Additional InformationSome entities use "angle" (2D) instead of "rotation" (3D), maybe that might require separate handling?
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12.10.2020 11:46


mirror-rotate1.jpg (85,736 bytes)   
mirror-rotate1.jpg (85,736 bytes)   
mirror-rotate2.jpg (127,358 bytes)   
mirror-rotate2.jpg (127,358 bytes)   

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