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0005364DarkRadiantGUIpublic25.10.2020 16:51
ReporterJudith Assigned To 
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Platformx64OSWindowsOS Version7
Product Version2.8.0 
Summary0005364: Better visual representation of light entities in views
DescriptionLights in DR have always been represented by a wireframe 'diamond' that uses the color value set up in a _color spawnarg. If you use a dark color scheme for DR (and I suppose many mappers do), finding lights in your map that have intensity below RGB 96 becomes a real problem. You can misplace a few lights this way, and finding them later or debugging light-related problems gets difficult.

How about giving our 'diamond' a permanent black wireframe or outline, and filling it with light _color value? Something along these lines.
Other engines typically use icons/sprites for entities, but I guess that sounds like a lot of work.
Steps To Reproduce- Go to View -> Colors
- Switch the color scheme to dark
- Place a light entity and change its color to RGB 64
- Deselect the light.
- Zoom out the view. Now try to find the light ;)
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22.10.2020 20:18

reporter   ~0012820

Example light.
Clipboard01.png (6,031 bytes)   
Clipboard01.png (6,031 bytes)   


25.10.2020 15:09

developer   ~0012827

Would it help if there was an option to disable colouring of light entities, and make them all a single colour (e.g. the bright magenta that was the default before we had per-light colouring)?


25.10.2020 16:51

reporter   ~0012828

I think that should work, yeah :)

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