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0005389DarkRadiantGUIpublic18.11.2020 11:47
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version2.8.0 
Summary0005389: AMD/Radeon - Orthoview issue with flush brush/patch faces.
DescriptionAm using an RX 570 with 20.9.2 driver and am seeing a weird effect that looks like ZF with shadow/caulk and other textures
Steps To Reproduce- AMD - caulk/shadows textures seem to get given higher priority over other textures.

- nVidia - caulk/shadows textures get given equal priority with other textures.
Additional InformationSimilar effect when far plane view is brought close to min distance, you get a horrendous mess (see last 3 attached images)
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08.11.2020 21:02


dr_amd_1.JPG (58,321 bytes)   
dr_amd_1.JPG (58,321 bytes)   


09.11.2020 10:59

reporter   ~0012880

dr_amd_2.JPG (43,620 bytes)   
dr_amd_2.JPG (43,620 bytes)   
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dr_amd_4.JPG (96,106 bytes)   


17.11.2020 15:37

reporter   ~0012966

@Greebo, would it be helpful if I sent you an AMD/ATi card?


17.11.2020 18:18

administrator   ~0012968

Thanks for the offer, but I don't own a desktop PC anymore. I've been using laptops for more than 10 years now.
Is this behaviour you observe something that doesn't happen in 2.8.0 or earlier?


17.11.2020 19:06

reporter   ~0012970

It happens in 2.8 as well as 2.9, but I can test it previous versions no problem. How far back would you like me to go..?


18.11.2020 02:52

administrator   ~0012974

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I just wanted to make sure it's not something that has been introduced between 2.8.0 and the upcoming 2.9.0. I kind of prioritise regressions a bit higher than things that have been there for longer, at least right before release.

(That said, if there ever has been a version that has not been showing that problem, this info would of course be useful.)


18.11.2020 08:29

reporter   ~0012978

Ok I will go and download all the previous versions and see if any of them DONT show this behavior.


18.11.2020 10:32

reporter   ~0012979

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Went all the way back to 1.8.1, where the issue wasn't present, it only shows in 2.0 and above.

And on a sorta related note I noticed that 2.3 - 2.7 never allowed the user to choose the install folder destination, but before and after those version that functionality was available.
amd_dr_1.8.1.JPG (465,256 bytes)
amd_dr_2.0.JPG (473,944 bytes)

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