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0005395The Dark ModPhysicspublic01.12.2022 13:57
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Product VersionTDM 2.08 
Summary0005395: Player needs horizontal movement to fall to the ground when the "gravity" spawnarg is set
DescriptionI plan to create a few maps that will use low gravity such as certain fantasy realms. I learned that the way to lower gravity for both the player and moveables (eg: when you pick up and throw a candle) is to change the gravity spawnarg on worldspawn. I tried this on my test map and set "gravity 100". It works in principle but is accompanied by an issue that currently makes it impossible to enable in a FM without bad results.

If the player jumps vertically (while standing perfectly still on the ground and not moving horizontally) while the gravity argument is set, they will no longer fall to the ground after reaching the peak of the jump but remain suspended in mid air instead. The player will only fall in low gravity maps if they are moving horizontally, in which case they are properly attracted back to the ground at the desired (lower or higher) rate.
Steps To ReproduceSet "gravity 100" on any worldspawn brush then recompile your map with dmap and start it up. Stand perfectly still and don't walk. Press jump to launch yourself in the air. Once you're reached the peak of the jump you'll remain suspended, until you press a movement key to attempt walking in which case you'll start falling to the ground again.
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01.12.2022 13:57

reporter   ~0015505

I noticed this issue still happens in latest dev (dev16650-10157): If you set spawnarg "gravity 10" on worldspawn, low gravity will work if the player is moving horizontally, but if you jump straight up you'll be stuck in midair when it's time to fall to the ground. Would this be a difficult one to solve? I have an idea for a very unique FM concept, low gravity working would be needed to properly execute it as imagined.

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